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  • 17 years after Rune, Human Head Studios announces an open world sequel, Rune: Ragnarok http://www.pcgamer.com/17-years-after-rune-human-head-studios-announces-an-open-world-sequel-rune-ragnarok/

    In 2000, Human Head Studios released Rune, an action adventure built in the Unreal Engine and featuring a hack-and-slashing Viking named Ragnar. Since then, the studio has developed a number of games including 2006's Prey and has contributed to others like Bioshock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Origins. Today it's announcing a return to its roots. A sequel to Rune is in the works, an open world RPG called Rune: Ragnarok. There's a teaser trailer above.

    Ragnarok is "set in a dangerous Norse universe during the end of days" and places players "in the middle of an epic battle where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive" according to Human Head Studios' press release.

    "After seventeen years, we are thrilled to finally announce a new Rune game," says project director Chris Rhinehart. "In the spirit of the original, Rune: Ragnarok has intense and brutal combat in a world steeped in Norse mythology. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve created."

    We're hoping to see some gameplay footage or screenshots soon, but in the meantime you can lurk on Rune: Ragnarok's official site.
    Views: 239 | Added by: clandy | Date: 07/09/2017

    Unfortunately the Rune game 1,01 version died, and so did the Tribal clan. I did tought start to play in Hov in the begining of 2017, and i did found some old friends and old Tribal members in there. So, for those who still whant's to play Rune game, i invite you in HOV. you find me by my old name (Clandy) member in the ER clan.

    Have fun everyone!!
    Views: 235 | Added by: clandy | Date: 05/03/2017

    yo there tribals, i wanna welcome Malrah in our clan. We agreed that hi is ready to became 1 of as. You all know him in game, good player, honest, (a bit back at his english, but can be fixed in time...)). Im sure you all played with him, and you all agree that hi is a skilled warior. See you in game malrah, and in site too.) And welcome!


    Views: 431 | Added by: clandy | Date: 05/12/2010

    Yeah he is back again. We decided to give him one more chance. Hopefully this time he will stay longer. Good skilled warrior, helping tribal become stronger clan. Welcome back, and enjoy your staying! smile
    Views: 446 | Added by: ArdeT | Date: 29/08/2010

    Prophecy aka K@in joined our ranks a few day ago, we are now back in business as an active clan !
    Views: 396 | Added by: Afro | Date: 09/08/2010

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