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    After a trial period, the decision about Random's future in TrïBàl has been taken and we are happy to welcome him in our clan ! Keep behave like a TrïBàl and you'll stay with us for a while.


    Views: 231 | Added by: Afro | Date: 17/01/2010

    we decided to clean up one more time our member list due to lack of investment, again.

    These members are banned :
    - Anwyll -> haven't seen you for a while.
    - Noin -> we had to do a choice, take it easy.

    Another news : Random (aka Spyro) is in trial, maybe close to be with us, maybe not.

    By the way, Magnus isn't in trial anymore.

    Cya IG.

    Views: 315 | Added by: Afro | Date: 03/01/2010

    Hail, welcome to our new member Hades aka Nemesis ! I hope you to stay as long as possible with us and to enjoy you staying in the Tribal family wink After sides and backhit teaching you'll be ready to own in wars with us, the sooner the better !

    See you in game and congratulation.


    Views: 218 | Added by: Afro | Date: 20/12/2009


    Magnus asked to join Tribal, unfortunatly he's not good enough at the moment. So Ronin decided to train him till he's good enough to join. Magnus will anyway needs our 3 votes (co-leaders) when his training will be over, so nothing is done yet.

    Well, welcome to our first trial member ! wink


    Views: 206 | Added by: Afro | Date: 16/12/2009

    we played a fun war whyt 3rub, in ctt, they finaly find a 3-rd player, the only problem was that hi was not a 3rub member.......... real honest isnt it? Anyway, we played, and lose and we whont vplay again whyt them until they learn to be morre honorable, cos takin a pro player and say hi is a new 3rub member it sucks! realy! bah, i hate those characters.....................................................!
    Views: 279 | Added by: clandy | Date: 09/10/2009

    We lost a fun war against BhB (Nevins and Dramalama), 77-129. Screens on the forum as usual. GG
    Views: 242 | Added by: Afro | Date: 28/08/2009

    MYST lose vs TRIBALS, how you all expected, after a lame game, spinning, camping and all the shit's, the tribals won against MYST, ardet and deatsman did a great job, and finished the fight whyt a final score 98-93.

    i tink it was the first fight of deathman in tribal, so i wanna congratulation him for his first victory next to as.


    Views: 226 | Added by: clandy | Date: 22/08/2009

    ÐêáthsMaN took the right way and joined TrïBàl ! His fighting syle and his honor behaviour remind our's, that's why he had to joined us. After some weeks of hesitating, he finally choose to accept our invitation smile Like all of you know, Dm's a strong DWS warrior with amazing tricks and GW, fast like noone.

    It's good to have you with us DM, your battle's behaviour and your style definitly sounds TrïBàl ! Welcome dude biggrin

    See you in game !

    Views: 211 | Added by: Afro | Date: 21/08/2009


    Lunaçy get kicked from the clan due to his lack of involvement, and coz of non-stop faking around... He doesn't deserve to stay in the honorable TrïBàl family anymore.


    Views: 283 | Added by: Afro | Date: 10/08/2009

    Here's links, Tribals are mentionned wink
    Awesome job LW biggrin

    Part 1 ->
    Part 2 ->
    Part 3 ->


    Views: 199 | Added by: Afro | Date: 05/08/2009

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